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The Blog

Twenty-old years ago my (now) wife described my interests as 'redheads, dead bishops and smelly old books'.  They haven't changed much, so expect these to figure in this blog (however, I'll leave the redheads, as there are plenty of those websites out there).  Interesting obits will feature, as will any bits of  naval history and the travails of a medal collector who can't afford to buy medals.

My Interests

I'd been interested in British medals since my school days - prompted by being given my grandfather's medals from the Third Afghan War.  That interest dropped off when I went to university but I revived it a few years ago, now with a naval bent and an interest in lifesaving.  I can't really afford to buy, and sometimes wonder if I can be classed as a 'collector' at all.  I'm a regular contributor to the British Medals Forum, which I heartily recommend to anyone interested in the subject.

At university I studied theology and church history, thus acquiring the interest in dead bishops.  All in all, I spent seven years in universities in Wales - which left me with a love of the country and an appreciation of the (Anglican) Church in Wales as an institution.

For a short while I sold postcards over the internet - it paid the rent while I was doing other things.   The rationale was that they'd be easy to post and that it would take up less room, and require less outlay than being a bookseller.  I specialised in Golden Age (c.1900-1914) postcards of royalty and portraits of Edwardian actresses.  This was before real postcard dealers got hold of the idea of the Internet, and it worked out quite well for me. 

After getting my professional qualification, I was lucky enough to have jobs which have encouraged my magpie mind - developing interests in naval history, exploration (at sea, polar and in space) and other odd facets.

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