Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Terrain Tuesday #10

During my period of enforced off-line time I thought I would experiment with making some Frostgrave-type ruins out of bits and pieces from the gash bin.  Typically, an afternoon's work has stretched out to three weeks.  And the damn things aren't painted!

Requires work...

The next three photos tell their own story.


Some of you may remember my discovery that in a house with whippets it was a bad idea to try us chicken bones to represent dinosaur remains.   Much the same goes for re-using Pringles tubes...

Finally, these two chaps will be statues flanking a staircase or the entrance to a forbidden sanctuary.

Last night I knocked out a batch of treasure tokens.  However, I have a cunning plan relating to them which I can't reveal until next year.  Stay turned...


  1. Rest assured that you are much more productive than me. I've spent the last two months looking at all the terrain bits and pieces I've picked up...and haven't got any further!

    A very Merry Christmas to you, sir, and all the best for the New Year!

    1. Thank you Gordon - and Compliments of the Season to you too.

  2. Animals like to chew things. That's been my experience. :)
    Great idea for the statues. cheers

  3. I haven't had a bad an experience with the cats - though I have had some flags chewed on. Those sanctuary guardians are splendid - they look like a goat mated with a velociraptor.

  4. Great progress and I completely sympathise with a quick idea then taking up your entire hobby time. In the last couple of days I put out six stands to represent the themed bonus rounds, the idea being to let them 'grow' as the ideas come to me. I have now thought of nothing else and consequently very little has happened!

  5. It's not just whippets that will do that - our Golden Retrievers used to be even more destructive ;)

    Terrain building can be very easy to get sucked into and away from painting minis :)

  6. As long as I won't build anything out of grass or nuts I think our rabbit will leave my terrain un-eaten. The fish have looked rather disgusted at the few pieces of aquarium "decoration" that works as fantasy terrain, though.
    God Jul!


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