Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Buck McIntosh

Yesterday I complained that I hadn't come up with any back story for my PBB character.  I must have been worrying about it, because last night as I lay awake at 3am it came to me

Buck McIntosh was born to a family of Virginia sharecroppers.  The ninth of twelve surviving children, there was never much left for him when it came to his turn.  He didn't stay on the farm long, joining mining and forestry camps. 
After the war he drifted West where he spent time as a prospector, broke horses and worked in a saloon.  He find his true calling with the railway company,  He was 'foreman' to Chinese labourers and found he had a skill as an enforcer - driving Indians and other 'squatters' from their land. 
He terminated his employment with the railway company the week he was entrusted with delivering the payroll to the rail-head camp...


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