Saturday, 21 November 2015

Do Not Adjust Your Sets...

I'm currently having a laptop crisis - as you see the screen is buggered.  This is making using it quite a faff, so I might not be around reading and commenting on blogs or FaceBook for a while.

I shall be available via e-mail if anyone needs to get in touch, and Diplomatist Books will be soldiering on.

In the meantime, I shall be exploring whether the fault is reparable or if the machine needs replacing.  Any ideas anyone?


  1. Blimey...that doesn't look good. Hope you can get it fixed quickly and cheaply!

  2. Are you sure that isn't just a sticker that is peeling off?

    I hope you manage to get that fixed!

  3. Good Lord, what have you done there?

  4. I fear that's not a software problem. Bugger.
    Time to go MacBook, maybe?


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