Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hereward Loot

I've been on my travels of late, and off-line*.  I will report on it, but for the moment I'm going down the well-worn path of saying that I'm too tired and will instead show pictures of loot.

*The reason for the latter can be summarised as "stupidly forgetting my re-charger and lumping a dead lap-top around with me".

Today I was in Peterborough at the inaugural Hereward Wargames Show hosted by the Peterborough Wargames Club.

First the Freebies!

The show was sponsored by Gripping Beast, who  donated copies of their fine Hereward the Wake figure for the first 300 tickets sold.  For reasons that I'll explain in another post, I've now got four!

Ainsty Castings had an offer on the Crooked Dice stock they had, so I picked up as couple of their Not-Dr Who packs, together with Ainsty's Not-TARDIS console.

I'm kicking myself for not buying some more of their excellent terrain pieces.  I'd did get a pair of characterful Aggro Bobbies though - can't have to many coppers, can you?

From a rummage box on Lancer Miniatures stall I bought £3.00's worth of dry-stone walls.  Perhaps not 28mm scale, but near enough for me,,,

Colonel Bill provided a couple of likely lads...

From Black Pyramid Games came 'Er Majesty tooled up to belch lead, a couple of Iron Men bombers and a Prof Stanton Brook, who is a criminal mastermind if I've ever seen one.

Lastly, from Monarch Miniatures came a cheap West Wind Nosferatu set.

The Wife has a hankering for a Tong league and told me to look out for something suitable.  She doesn't think that either the West Wind or North Star tongs will do, and there was nothing else.*  I'm hoping that she'll be happy with these - Nosferatu is a favorite film, both the great 1922 version and the 1979 remake, but above all the 2000 Shadow of the Vampire.

*We'll probably go for one of Foundry's sets.


  1. Some fantastic additions to the pile there - brilliant!

    Happy to help out with one of those excess Hereford chappies too if you need :-) Looking forward to hearing the story!

  2. Some very cool stuff, and the last set is appropriate for Halloween.
    I confess I am struggling to remember who Hereward the Wake was or what he did. It's been a long time since I read 1066 And All That, which was my primary source of knowledge for British history. Perhaps he put something to fire, and, of course, the sword?

    1. It's been a long time since I read 1066 and All That. Hereward seems to be an exiled Anglo-Dane who became a mercenary for a while. When he returned to England and found his family dead to Normans, he went on a bit of a rampage.

    2. Thanks Paul. So fire and the sword WERE involved! Ha! I suspected as much.

  3. Decent haul there which should get you off to a nice start in the painting challenge. Didn't Foundry do something similar with Queen Victoria or is that the same figure?
    Top of the shop for me is the laurel and Hardy pair. Great! :O)

  4. The bobbies and the Stan and Ollie are especially cool!

  5. I think you've listed all of the Tong -type figure that I know of. Though some of the Foundry models will now be sold via their casting room miniatures website

    Ironclad Miniatures sell a nice female in cheongsam (holding a knife behind her back).


      Found these Eureka Miniatures while searching for Three Musketeers. Maybe of use to you.

    2. Nice suggestion there - they may be a possibility.

  6. A fabulous haul of characterful bits and pieces, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  7. Nice little haul there. 4 Herefords seems a little ott though ;)

    Have you seen Mark Strong's Nosteratu in Love?

  8. Nice haul and those walls are really dirt-cheap!

  9. Nice bunch of figures to add to the mix.


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