Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This Won't Be The Only Box You See Today...

Not this one (oh, lucky dogs!)
The fruit of the Nickstarter has arrived.

I ordered at Lich Lord level, so for my £35.00 I got this lot...

And as I ordered through Annie at Bad Squiddo Games, I got some freebies.

The only discernible problem is with the casting of the Dark Cauldron, but that's minor.

Better photos when my hands have stopped shaking with excitement!


  1. Envious. :(
    The parcel I received today was a right cock-up!
    Wouldn't have been so bad if this parcel wasn't a replacement for the first that got lost.

    Happy painting :)

    1. Not from the Frostgrave Nickstarter then?

      I hope it gets sorted out...

    2. No, no. In my case from a different company.

      Luckily they're being very helpful, so far...

  2. Oooh! Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my box...though I ordered the cards, too, and I understand those will arrive a couple of days later.

  3. There are few things better than a box full of shiny goodness - enjoy Sir!

  4. Very good mate!
    I was sorely tempted by the Lich stuff, but, seeing as I haven't played any Frostgrave games yet, decided to hold back for a while.
    Now I'm starting to wonder if I did the right thing...

  5. Huzzah! The arrival of such a box of goodness deserves to invoke happiness and excitement :-D

  6. I made my saving throw against charm against the Nickstarter. Seeing all the goodies I'm sort of sad that I did...

  7. Boxes with toys in. Is there anything finer?


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