Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dr Who Wednesday #14

Mirabile dictu, I can report some progress on the Daleks!

After months of them sitting there in a part-painted state, mocking me, Dave Docherty's Paint and Chat hangout had it's desired effect, and I got two good sessions in on them.

Yellow will have to be re-done...
I've also got another batch of these free-with-the-magazine Daleks on the go (hopefully to be finished this week)* in another colour scheme again.

*In which case, next week we will have a Grand Dalek Parade in which Davros will review the troops (led by David Beckham Dalek).

Although I prefer Classic to these New Paradigm Daleks, these were much better to paint than the dreadful BTD ones.

Gratuitous Sarah Jane shot


  1. That Doherty chap has a lot to answer for. These salt cellars are great

  2. Nice work Edwin! :)

    Oh, and happy birthday my good man! :)

  3. Hurrah!

    I have a goodly number of these just sitting as well. Maybe I could get to them soon...


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