Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Terrain Tuesday #7:Ruins (Pic Heavy)

I'll start today with a couple of links to other blogs.

First,Tony Harwood, that master of terrain, has put some basic tutorials on his page - Dampf's Modelling Blog - with Frostgrave in mind.  To quote him
By publishing this tutorial I am hoping that I can raise some money for charity. If you have read and enjoyed this short tutorial, I would ask that the next time you pass a charity collection tin or someone in the street collecting that you donate whatever you think fit and remember this article.
Obviously I think that a splendid sentiment and one worth sharing, but Dampf's tutorials are well worth looking at.

The second link is to a new blog - The Frostgrave Files - which also has some useful tutorials.


From the above you can probably guess that my focus at the moment is on Frostgrave.

While walking the dog this week I took some photos of the City Walls as reference pics for terrain.  I thought others might also find them of use.  If you right-click them to open in a new tab, you can then super-size them.

And a few other things that caught my eye...

For some reason this garage appeals to me

Medieval house with C20th additions.  The house next door (blue door)
is undoubtedly also medieval at core, but received a Georgian make-over

A modern nod on the route of the wall

This is where our local Wizard lives

Railway cutting

And here are some I took earlier this year...

A good place for Mysterious Lurkers - there was one there this morning!

OK, these have generated some interest.  So for more info

Photos from the 1930s-1960 (much better than mine and including parts now lost).  For comparison, the photos I've taken are of the Black Tower and walls from Carrow Hill.

Video tour of the city walls


  1. Cracking post Edwin; love the reference photographs, very useful.

  2. Cool pics, what's the building in the last pic?

    1. It's the same tower in the city walls as in most of the other pics. This one is from *inside* of the walls.

      There is a walk-way on the top of the arches that feeds into the door you see half-way up the tower. In each arch is an emplacement - you can see the inner side and outer side of these emplacements in photos 6 and 7.

    2. Didn't take too many of the inside as there was a dodgy bloke there. He didn't look like he wanted to be disturbed.

  3. I have just purchased some cobblestone roads that look exactly like what you pictured above.

  4. Lots of ideas here, thanks Edwin - I do love a good bit of terrain!

  5. Very useful- thanks indeed. I always find the right shade of grey unusually challenging to attain, never mind all the different shades of stones!

    What tower/castle is this?

  6. Hi,very interesting post.Yes indeed,because i live in Norwich where there are lots of ruined medieval tower`s and old parts of the old city walls remaining. Churches too. All made of hard sharp flint! Have a nice day. Beano Boy

  7. Splendid photos, Edwin. Not every city in Europe kept its medieval walls. Glad to see Norwich is an exception.
    Lots of interest in Frostgrave, I see.

  8. Excellent reference pictures. Many thanks for them and the links to the other blogs.


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