Friday 19 August 2016

Chat and Bargain of the Week

It's been three weeks since my last blog post.  What hobby progress have I made then?  None at all.

My plan of setting hostages to fortune by laying out what I hoped to achieve during July didn't work at all.  August has been a washout due to The Wife having an unexpected week's stay in hospital.  I'd like to thank all those of you who learnt of this through FaceBook and expressed concerns there: for the rest of you, she is now back at home and improving as she rests.  We are both exhausted though.

But no level of exhaustion will keep me from scouring the charity shops for bargains.  Here are my latest.

Been looking out for some of these for a while...

There may yet be a solution to my painting drought.  Dave Docherty has set up a video chat room so that we can paint and chat.  He's done it under the umbrella of the Analogue Painting Challenge Google+ forum, but I'm sure anyone is welcome to attend.

The link is it's a permanent link, so you can drop in at any time and see if anyone else is there.

When I told The Wife about it, she replied that it was wrong "on so many different levels", but really it isn't much different that the 'Stitch and Bitch' sessions she's been known to attend.  You can insert your own joke about watching paint dry here, but if you want some civilised conversation* while you paint, log on.

*Last night's apparently included a discussion on the relative merits of German and British sausages (it could've been Wurst!  BOOM, BOOM!)


  1. Glad you wife is on the mend. It was great to talk to you in the week

  2. Ha, listening to me would be less fun than watching paint dry. I've no topic of conversation at the best of times, so it would be quite painful to everyone if I joined in :)

  3. Useful columns you have sourced, haven't found these yet myself. For what will they be used?


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