Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Dr Who Wednesday #18

Lately it's been hard to stop these posts being advertisements for Warlord Games.  That's because I've been doing very little Dr Who related and they've been doing rather a lot!  Hopefully that will change once I get my chops in gear for the Analogue Painting Challenge - we'll see.

Spotted on the Web

Dr Who fans of my vintage will fondly remember the Weetabix promotions of the 1970s.  The artwork was the work of Gordon Archer, and it's now available in various formats through a website run by his son, Yellow Planet,  (as is the work he did tied-in with Star Trek and other popular shows).  Great fun!

OK, now for Warlord...

One of the things the company promised when it took on the licence, is that they would produce a mixture of 'New' and 'Classic Who' figures.  A couple of forthcoming releases show that they're coming good on their promise.

First is the newest of 'New Who' - figures from the 2016 Christmas Special.  You don't get much more topical than that!

Secondly, we have some 'Old Who' monsters: the Tetraps.  These are pretty obscure chaps - only seen in the 1987 episode 'Time and the Rani' (Sylvester McCoy's first story) - basically humanoid vampire bats.  An interesting choice - but release dates seem to be tied to getting approval from the BBC, etc, rather than any Grand Plan (see the interview below).

Fir those of you who want to read about Warlord's plans from the horse's mouth ("read... from the mouth"?  Surely something wrong there?)  there's an interview with Paul Sawyer:  Part 1 and Part 2.  There's a lot in the pipeline it seems!

Personally, I'm impatient for Sea Devils!

Gratuitous Sarah-Jane Picture

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  1. Oh Tetraps, I wonder if that was my will power I just heard snap?


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