Sunday, 4 May 2014

Diceni 2014

I had a pleasant morning at Diceni in Norwich today (if you're quick you can still get there - it's on till 4pm!).

It was held in The Forum, one of the more successful modern buildings in the heart of Norwich.  It host the BBC and the City Library (which, as they keep reminding us, has the largest foot-fall of any library in the country).

It's opposite the acceptable face of geekiness in Norwich
There were tell-tale signs that something was going on...
Doors opened at 10am.  I got there about 10:30 and found it nicely busy, but not crowded,

There were about a dozen games going on.

Warlord were there with a Black Powder game
JAG (with IHMN?)
Whatever they were playing, it interested the Saxons
A local wargaming club had a (static?) Agincourt table
Icenic Games playing Star Trek

There was also Bolt Action in the jungle, X-Wing, Bushido (which looked very nice) and several Sci-Fi games I didn't have a close look at.

This plus traders' stands.

Fenris not only had the best-looking stand (I forgot to take photos because I was eyeing the goods) in the best position, but they were also getting a fair bit of attention with their 'Hell and High Water' table, the building of which you can follow on their Facebook page (it was subtly different from at Salute, as it had been dropped when being put into storage)

Fenris getting you on the way in and the way out...

Hell and High Water looking very good (how many scenic items can be fitted onto a board?)
In addition there was cosplay (I know several of you have been waiting for this bit!).

The Norwich Star Wars Club and the Norwich Sci-Fi Club were both there (though there were no fisticuffs this time!).  The Star Wars Club were publicising the 5th Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention on 8 June.  Chewbacca and an Ewok were kept very busy having their photos taken.

Who knew R2-D2 was a Canary?
Her first event in costume
I'm not sure what Batwoman's club affiliation is...
Some of you will have been waiting to see Boudi, who appeared last year.  Although she is still the Diceni mascot, and there was a painting competition for painting Hasslefree's Boudi figures, the Cosplayer who dressed as her last year came in a different costume.

This is Tabitha Lyons from Artyfakes - she was there with her range of LARP and cosplay props and costumes.

This very helpful lady seemed to be one of the organisers

This year's Diceni charity was F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue.


  1. I never seem to get to shows with such nice organisers. They're usually middle aged men.
    Very nice venue and the photos are interesting. I spotted a couple of chaps I know. Made me feel like Alan Wicker (I mean well traveled, not dead).

  2. In pic 6 - Obi Wan has let himself go a bit! ;)

    It looks like a great show Edwin - I might try to pop up next year (and combine it with a long overdue visit to my brother).

    1. I was thinking the same about Sylvester McCoy (pic.3)

    2. Maybe he'd got hungry waiting and eaten Ace?

  3. Alan whisker plays stumpy.... Hmmm

  4. Looks like fine day out Edwin...

  5. That does look like a rather pleasant day out Edwin.

  6. What a show Edwin and I think I must try and get to it next year

    1. I'd recommend a trip to Norwich for anybody - it's a Fine City.

  7. The nice helpful lady, is the lovely Claire, and her partner, Lee is the gent responsible for organising this fab show. Its a marvelous day out, costs you nowt to get in, and will only grow better as it continues. The venue is massive, and there were areas that were not used this time round, that will come into their own next year :-)

    1. Thanks for the extra info Nige.

      I'd second your comment - a fab day out. Roll on next year!

  8. Batwoman's club affiliation is the NSFC (Norwich Science Fiction Club). Our next major event will be our annual convention, Nor-Con, on 7th September (just Google "norcon" for full details), where we hope to see Diceni doing their thing again.

  9. It was a great day ! many thanks to Lee, looking forward to next year ;0) ............. just like to point out there were no fisticuffs between NSWC UK and NSFC because there never have been, we both co exist and are on great terms.. last years storm in a tea cup at our convention was orchestrated by one individual hell bent on causing trouble .. who just happened to be a member of NSFC, and now is long gone ... the press blew it out of proportion to the extent they would have you believe there was an epic battle between a horde of stormtroopers and daleks

    1. Point taken.

      I'm sure most of my readers will understand press sensationalism, and that a reference to "fisticuffs" doesn't imply *real* trouble.

  10. This looks like a blast. I'd love to see something like it here in the US.


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