Monday, 1 September 2014

And (At Last!) The Giveaway

I'm sorry for the delay, but as promised the other day, I've having  a giveaway to mark the blog's third anniversary.

The old hands among you might even notice a few prizes left over from the last time - you will see them (and the others below) again and again until they go!  Some of them verge on the educational, but be not afear'd, knowledge is power!

  • £10.00 worth of goods of your choice from Diplomatist Books (the postage will be extra on this).   No jokes about first prize being £10.00's worth and second prize being £15.00's worth please!  (I'm looking at you Mr Amos!)

  • Hunter Davies, Behind the Scenes at the Museum of Baked Beans: My Search for Britain's Maddest Museums (paperback book)
  • Sci-Fi Art: A Pocket History (a small book and lots of fun fridge magnets) 

  • Susanna Clarke, The Ladies of Grace Adieu (pb book).  Faeries stories from the author of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell.  I'm a fan of Clarke and recommend this (don't you want to know how the Duke of Wellington reacts when the faeries steal Copenhagen?)

  • Life on a Medieval Street by the Norwich Survey (actually an excavation report) and P Clark & P Slack, English Towns in Transition, 1500-1700

  • Thomas Dugdale, England and Wales Delineated: Historical, Entertaining and Commercial. Basically a gazetteer with lots of fun info.  Vol I (A-F) only.  A little tatty, but it's been knocking around since the 1840s...

  • K Rushby, Hunting Pirate Heaven (hb book).    According to Amazon, "Rushby's objective is to locate the descendants of the 16th century pirates who had carved kingdoms for themselves in the remote jungles of north-east Madagascar.   Hitching rides on a motley assortment of freighters, dhows, yachts and fishing smacks, he sails up the African coast, then east towards his goal.  It is a story full of incident: voyages to islands where forgotten Portugese forts lie covered in jungle, places where some have tried to shoot their way to paradise, and where the ever-present ocean can destroy lives and dreams as quickly as men and women create them."

  • Mike Spick, Great Aircraft of WWII: Avro Lancaster; FE Dymond, A Very Special Lancaster: A History of Lancaster Mk1 R5868; Flying Legends Air Show 2004, Duxford.

  • Airfix 1:72 Spitfire Mk2A.  JB Models 1:76 LWB Landrover (soft-top) with trailer.  Hawker P.1127.  Sea Hawker.

  • A couple of Italeri 1:32 plastic watchtowers (unpainted and I'll probably take them apart to post)

Figures for scale only -  the pirate on the left tower is 52mm; the Santa
on the right is 28mm

  • Three vans (two Lledo, one Oxford Diecast) and a Rolls-Royce (Days Gone By)

28mm figures for scale only

  •  Serpent-men figures from Asylum Books and Games and a book of scenarios that came with them


  • The current freebie figure from Wargames Foundry - "It is the the 30th anniversary of Wargames Foundry on Monday 18th of August. This is also the birthday of our founder Clifford Ansell.  So we have an unusual giveaway for you: It's a model of Cliff . The Cliff model comes with four models of model soldiers. Cliff has had four careers in his life: coal mining, the navy, teaching maths and making model soldiers. We have provided four appropriate models of  model  soldiers as part of the giveaway." 

 How to Enter

Three names will be drawn on 7 September and prizes awarded.  No individual will win more than one prize.  To enter the draw:
  1. Be a public follower of this blog - either an existing or new one.
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me you want to be in the draw and indicating three prizes of  interest to you (with order of preference).  Do not say "Prize X, Prize X and Prize X" - the whole point is to be able to give you a prize if yours is the third name drawn and Prize X has already been allocated.
  3. Bonus entries. There are several ways of earning bonus entries:
    • Promote this giveaway (blog, Facebook, Google+), and let me know you've done so.
    • Follow the Diplomatist Books Facebook page
    • Send me £200 in used tenners.
  4. An extra prize will be awarded to the person who gives the most interesting/amusing reason why they (or someone else) should get it.
Good luck!


  1. Free stuff? Count me in sir! My choice of prizes is thus:
    1. The Italeri watchtowers - so I can used them on the Inner German Border in my Little Cold Wars games.
    2. Life on a Medieval Street by the Norwich Survey (actually an excavation report) and P Clark & P Slack, English Towns in Transition, 1500-1700 - I dimly remember the Clark and Slack from my degree...
    3. The £10 worth of stuff.
    I can't send used Tenners as I only have Twenties to hand and I don't use Facebook, but I will post a link on my blog.

    1. OK, Tim two entries for you.

      I'm surprised you didn't want the plastic kits, but you've probably got Land Rovers coming out of your wazoo!

  2. Congratulations, I'm certainly in. Prizes: LLedo Cars, Hunting Pirate Heaven and The Medieval Streets and Town Books.

    Kind regards

  3. Ok sir I'm in,
    I'll have a go for:
    The Cliff model
    The serpents
    Or the cars

    Reason for giving the figures to me? I'll promise paint and post them on my blog!

    1. OK Paul, Welcome to the blog! If you publicise the comp, let me know to get your bonus entry.

      Foundry have just posted a nice pic of a painted Cliff on their FB page.

  4. Dear Edwin,
    Despite the insult, I've decided to enter your competition and relieve you of some of the goodies. I've done the promotional thing on Google+ (plus what?) and my blog, I'm already an FB follower, but I haven't any used tenners - the only ones I have to hand are brand new and still a little damp. However, I'll try to arrange a banner (advertising the give-away) on the roundabout by Waitrose in Altrincham. I reckon that should be worth about fifty entries at least.

    I couldn't find this Prize X, which must be red hot, so, instead, I'll settle for:
    1. The Sci-Fi Art book
    2. The diecast vehicles
    3. The Susanna Clarke book

    Thanks in anticipation . . . .

    1. No, Gary only worth three. You were doing alright until you mentioned Altrincham (could have been worse, could have been Sale).

  5. Good evening Mr. King I would feel honored enter this contest.
    1. The Susanna Clarke book (I've a fan of hers as well)
    2. The Thomas Dugdale book
    3. The serpent men and their nifty little book
    Honestly your generosity is impressive and choosing prizes was all but impossible.
    Why should I have them?
    I've pimped this out on Google + all ready. Through diligent reading of this blog I've learned A) The English work their dogs till there hair turns white and B) Norwich played an important role in ending the Zombie Incident of 1888.

    1. Thanks, I standard entry and one bonus for pimpage. Plus an entry into the side comp.

      Why doesn't it surprise me you're a Susanna Clarke fan? And I had noticed that the 'Man from Norwich' had entered into your list of characters :D

  6. Congratulations on your third anniversary!

    Count me in!
    1. The Wargames Foundry Figure of Clifford Ansell
    2. The automobiles.
    3. The Sci-fi Art book.

    I have added a link to my next post, which will post in a few hours. I google +'d this post and I will follow on Facebook.

    Later on when more people have joined in, I'll pick one of those people and tell you why they should win, rather than me.

    1. Thank you Anne. One standard and one bonus entry for you. If and when you 'tell me why', I'll enter you in the side comp.

  7. Very generous of you sir. I do not want to take part but I do wish well on all those that do. I am surprised that Ray and Fran have yet to post comments. Very unlike them.
    Best wishes from Clint

    1. Thank you. I'm sure they'll be along shortly!

      Though for some reason Ray doesn't like being called 'Shortly'...

  8. Congrat's again!

    Count me in. They say winning things like this comes in threes! Well if I win this one, it will be my third ever!! Both of the others have been this year.

    1, the cars
    2, medieval books
    3, The aircraft and landrover set.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks. Just a standard entry, unless you can advise me of any bonuses you qualify for.

  9. I would like to be in on this. Mainly because you have some books up that I have never heard of before that have tickled my curiosity. Here are my preferences.

    1) K Rushby, Hunting Pirate Heaven
    2) Life on a Medieval Street by the Norwich Survey
    3) £10.00 worth of goods of your choice from Diplomatist Books

    I will post this up sometime later today.

    1. That's good reason the enter Chris! Standard and bonus entry means two.

  10. A very happy third annum to you!

    1) 3 Vans
    2) Sci Fi Art
    3) Serpent men

  11. Happy blogday Edwin!
    Please count me in - my preferences are:- 1: the model vans, 2: the watchtowers, 3: the Cliff Ansell figure.
    I follow your facebook page :)
    The reason I'd like to win? It's free stuff, what's not to like?

    1. Thanks Jon.

      Standard entry plus the FB bonus and an entry in the side comp.

  12. Congrats Edwin with the third anniversary of your blog! I would like to join the drawing for the following things:
    1. The Italeri watchtowers (young neighbours with a swimming pool, but the fence is to high, so these might be usefull! :-D)
    2. The spitfire, landrover and those other two planes (maybe they give a better view on the swimming pool)
    3. The serpent figures (to scare away the other neighbours who would have the same plans like me!)

    I also made some promotion on my blog, telling everybody to stay away from this Give Away, but if they couldn't resist to use the link:
    Made some promotion to on FB (I'm a follower of your FB page) and Google+.


    1. Thank you Peter.

      You get the standard entry, plus the bonus for promotion and the other for following DipBk's FB page.

      Your reasons also get you in the side comp.

  13. Please count me in.

    LLedo Cars as they will work so well with my VBCW games.

    1. You're entered! Let me know if you do anything to earn a bonus.

      And if the vehicles have already gone?

  14. Excellent stuff.

    £10 books
    The gazetteer.
    The kits

    And because HMS Cutlass is behind you...and might just stern rake ya if ya don't..

    1. Lol!

      Standard entry, plus 'following DipBks' bonus.

  15. Please put me in the draw - I never win anything, so the numbers must be coming round…

    If I am successful (even a little bit), my objects of desire are

    1. Medieval Street + companion volume
    2. Susannah Clarke stories
    3. £10 of books

    If I do not win I shall not be downhearted - it will be an honour and a delight merely to have been briefly associated with your give-away.

    I thank you.

  16. Thank you Marshal Foy!

    At the moment you've got a standard (single entry) - do look at the bonus rules.

  17. I'll have a go again,

    I'd be interested in the airfix kits, the watchtowers or the lizardmen


  18. Hello! I'm in New Zealand... it may be too expensive to post a prize this far. However, I'm in for the community spirit!

    1. Serpent Men
    2. Life on a Medieval Street
    3. Spitfire!

    God bless you Edwin!

    1. OK - one standard entry and a bonus for the Google+

  19. What? How did I miss this post???
    Congrats & Please enter me into the Give-away!!

    1. The Wargames Foundry Figure of Clifford Ansell
    2. £10 worth of goods of your choice from Diplomatist Books
    3. Hunting Pirate Heaven
    Nice one Edwin!

  20. If I'm not too late.

    1. Snakemen figures
    2. One of the 1:72 model, planes or whatnot
    3. Sci Fi Art book. Who can't use more fridge magnets?

    I wish I had checked in with you sooner, I would have promoted it as well.

  21. Ray and Sean - you've made the cut.

    Anyone else - You've an hour left if you want to give it a punt.

  22. Alas, I missed the deadline. I was away in a smelly VW Camper with my lovely bride (not the source of the smelliness) and thought fondly of your competition, but did not have the internet, so c'est la vie. I don congratulate you nevertheless on Blogday and will enter the next contest.

    1. Never mind - there's always, as you say, the next one. I imagine I'll hit 100K before Christmas...


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