Saturday, 4 March 2017

One for the Padre

That blogger par excellence, Capt the Revd Dr Michael Peterson has a thing about military goats.  As I missed making a St David's Day post this year, here are some pics from this week's Royal Leek Presentation...

The Goat by the way is Fusilier Llewellyn, a serving member (not a mascot) of the Royal Welsh.  It's not know if his ration includes the two cigarettes and pint of Guinness his predecessor L/Cpl William Windsor received.

And here's Taffy IV of 2nd Bn The Welsh Regt, who took part in the First Battle of Ypres.


  1. Brilliant!

    HMAS Cerberus, a naval base in Victoria, Australia, used to have a bulldog who was also taken on parades and was eventually promoted to Leading Seaman :-)

  2. Great post Edwin and the beaming smile on Her Majesty's face as she spies Fusilier Llewellyn is just wonderful.

  3. Love regimental mascots, say a lot about how a regiment sees itself. The norwegian kings guard brigadier sir nils olav is a penguin

    1. He's not a mascot. He's officially a member of the regiment. Daft, but very British.

  4. He's also welcome in the Goat Major, a pub in Cardiff, right across from the castle. It's quite possibly my favorite pub in the UK. I miss their Wye Valley pie like the plains of Africa miss the rains.

  5. My father served in 1st royal Welsh fusiliers, apparently the goat at that time (53/57)enjoyed cigarettes by the packet.....


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