Thursday, 28 June 2018

#30Days30Miniatures: Day Zero

OK, I'm committed to having a bash at the challenge.

This evening I've been looking a my painting table and lead pile to see what needed doing and what was suitable.  The focus is going to be on getting part-done and prepped figures finished.  This will include some I had for the most recent AHPC but also some that are up to three or four years old.  I'm also going to include some new (as yet un-prepped) figures after the others are done.   And not a Dalek in sight!

I found some which just needed a coat of varnish, so I've knocked those off.  Although I've decided that these Won't Count towards the challenge, I'm seeing doing this necessary task as its first positive result.  Equally, there's one that just needs basing. I haven't done it yet, but will do so in time to make a Doctor Who Wednesday posting: perhaps I'll find something else to add to it.

Other than that, there's no Great Plan.  I'll probably decide from day-to-day what get's painted.  If all goes well (ha!), there will be a nice mix and some useful minis at the end of the 30 days.

Day 0.  Minis completed: 0


  1. Good luck. Find it very hard to paint in summer

  2. Will be joining this challenge as well to clear up the side lines of some partially painted figurrs in a variety of scales.

    Good start moving on those that needed varnishing only.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. It sounds to me that you are right up for the challenge Edwin - best of luck!

  4. I’ve had much luck getting the partially finished minis finished. Looking at all the untouched ones is intimidating though!


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