Sunday, 1 July 2018

#30Days30Miniatures: Day 3

Today, I painted in the morning to take advantage of the summer light on my table.  Sadly, I started too late, and ended up chasing the sunshine, rather as our dogs do when lying on the carpet!
This is 10.30 in the morning

So, I have a completed figure to submit.

This is Lillie Poots from Statuesque Miniatures pulply Statuesque Asylum range.  Like all of their sculpts (and I'd especially recommend the range they've done in conjunction with Pulp Alley), she is a delightful mini and a pleasure to paint.

She's nicely ambiguous, I think.  Not one to eschew cliches, I initially painted her with a Midwich hairstyle, but it looked a little insipid (and I Don't Do Eyes!), nevertheless, she is a girl in a red coat

For some reason I put her on a curbside.  At the last minute I considered adding a cat (or a rat), but decided to leave her be.

Day 3
Total minis painted: 5
Days challenge was met: 3


  1. Your plan is working! Good to see you back at the painting table.

  2. It's going well Edwin - nice figure and painting :)

  3. Cheers chaps. I'm quite pleased with her.

  4. Replies
    1. No grand plan as such. It's a personal challenge to produce a completed figure each day for 30 days, concentrating on minis that have been hanging around the painting table for a while. I'm not managed it, but the main thing for me is to attempt after a long break to paint every day - improving my painting discipline and skills.


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