Monday, 2 July 2018

#30Days30Miniatures: Day 4

Today was one of my bad days and I couldn't face painting.

This isn't a disaster - I get days like this and was prepared for them.   The thing to do is to concentrate on the things I can manage and not focus on the others.

I had already decided that I would have Tuesdays off from the challenge in order to concentrate on terrain.  This week I have merely moved that day forward.  There will be a Terrain Tuesday post tomorrow.

Day 4
Total minis painted: 5
Days challenge was met: 3


  1. Keep going Edwin, how about 30 miniatures in 30 days?

    1. I'm not too disheartened. As I said, I knew that there would be days like that. As it's a *personal* challenge I'm not too fussed about missing the odd day.

      The goal is to get into a discipline of painting. Who knows, at the end I might be even to paint on 'off' days and thereby make them better.


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