Monday, 9 December 2013

Clearing the Decks

In advance of the Analogue Challenge I'm trying to finish off all the half-done work on the painting table.  Hopefully between now and Sunday, I'll be able to share several completed groups.

So I present:-

Men in fezes
These were intended as my Cairo Police Special Investigations Division, but to me they don't look official or 1930s enough (I'm sorry, but when I see those flares and the facial hair I can only thing of Jason King and bad Roger Moore films).  I might go back to the original idea of adapting the Perrys' 1882 Egyptian Army figures.

In any case, I can submit them to the LAF Fezember Challenge.

Fish- or Lizard-men

Generic monsters of the men-in-rubber-suits variety.

Just for Ev!


  1. looking good Edwin, keep them coming
    Peace James

  2. Great looking stuff there. Best wishes in the Challenge!

  3. Replies
    1. That's what I was thinking - Fezzes are cool right?

  4. These are fabulous Edwin, really well done Sir.

  5. Lovely work, Edwin; nothing says 'possible Pulp antagonist' like a fez!

    No wonder Atatürk banned them. He must have become tired of his countrymen being negatively stereotyped!

    I think the Deep Ones could use a fez or two though...

    1. Your wish is my command sir - I refer you to the edit above.

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    I'm not too keen on how the Men in Fezes turned out. I didn't get much of a 'feel' for them when painting. But they'll do!


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