Saturday, 3 November 2018

Paint Table Saturday

I'm glad to say that I can present another Paint Table Saturday.  I'm actually picking up brushes again!  I'm even reconsidering my decision not to take up a slot in the AHPC this year.

The immediate purpose for these minis is our fortnightly RPG.  As it's an open table, we never know who's going to turn up or what characters are going to form the party.  Although the GM likes the aesthetic of using his 1980s cardboard figures (which I think are older than he is!), I feel it's nice for players to have a choice of something a little more three dimensional.  Last time we found that we had no haflings in either form.

The humans and dwarves here are from my recent purchase from the Oathmark stable.  The haflings on the other hand are from a Kickstarter by Oathsworn Miniatures which I received back in 2014

As you can see, I've tried some different methods for basing.  The lentils have come out better that I thought (though I'll be tidier with them next time).  

This fine feller will be Ranwald the Strong.  Love the scar!

It'll be a couple of weeks before they see any action.  They won't be ready for tomorrow's session.


  1. Good to see you picking up the brushes, Edwin!

  2. Excellent work, Edwin, although I should point out that anyone creative enough to pull a genius move like fashioning cobblestone bases from lentils HAS to take part in the AHPC.

    Hey, I don't make the rules.
    ; )


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