Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Free RPG Day 15 June 2019

As those of you who play RPGs may know, Saturday 15 June is Free RPG Day.  Established in 2007, Free RPG Day works with participating hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to bring new and exclusive RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers.  The goal of the day is to inspire gamers to play a new RPG, which will in turn, create sales through local game stores.

I've signed up for a game being hosted here in Norwich by the Friends of the Hammer (facilitators of Old School Gaming) at our FLGS, The Games Table.
Glory & Gold Won by Sorcery & Sword! The Dungeon Crawl Classics introductory adventure - The Portal Under The Stars - teaches this awesome game from the perspective of a FUNNEL adventure. The concept? Heroes aren't made from points and planned progression, they are forged in the fire of the crucible. 20+ farmers, wainwrights, gravediggers and other villagers enter, and a few ragged heroes emerge! 
The game is perfect for beginners, requiring zero prior knowledge. Your surviving characters can be kept, having become stalwart heroes of sword and sorcery ready for adventure, and used in any other DCC adventures run by Friends of the Hammer! 
There will be only 6 spaces for each game, and unlike our Open Table games you will be able to sign up to reserve a space - contact Kieran at The Games Table via Facebook Messenger or in-store to get your place reserved. Ages 13+.
People have been telling to try a Funnel Game for a while, so here goes...

No doubt there will be other stuff going on in Norwich for the Day (I know at least one other store is participating), I'll keep you informed.

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