Sunday, 29 November 2020

Gaming in Nov 2020


  • 12 Nov - Blackmoor (OSE) - on-line
  • 19 Nov - Blackmoor (OSE) - on-line
  • 21 Nov - Wasters (OSE) - on-line
  • 25 Nov - Blackmoor (OSE) - on-line
Blackmore (OSE)
  • 12 Nov
Art by W W Denslow

Our current three-session delve into the Under-Booh concluded.  We retreated safely after completing our mission for the Grand Wizard of Booh and got a little more entangled in Halfling politics before reporting to the G-Wiz himself, who decided that there were bigger fish to fry.

My Cleric of 'Shroom levelled-up to Lvl 3.
  • 19 Nov
Art by Vlad Voronchiukov

Following the events of the last session, the Grand Wizard wanted us to go to Vestfold to garner some intelligence.  As it happened he had a caravan (of giant snails) going in that direction which required guarding...  

We were ambushed by bandits (one of our long-standing PCs being killed) and encountered sprites in the Greenwood.
  • 25 Nov

The conclusion of our caravan-guard mission.  We wrangled the Snails through forest, over river and across swamp.  On the way we met some very strange folk, a trio of Hags, and Giant Leeches.  All nasty stuff, leading to two character deaths.

Our regular GM is standing back for a little while as he's changing jobs (a couple of hundred miles apart), so to ensure continuity of the game, we've decided to rotate the GM-ing.  From next week it'll be my turn...

Wasters (OSE)
Artist unkown to me

A new game for me, though with some of the guys I've been playing with from the Discord.  Basically, a play test of a Cyberpunk RPG that being developed for B/X systems (in this case OSE) rules.  I talked about the set-up here.

In this session at least, there wasn’t a lot of ‘cyber’ and it was more of a post-apoc scavenging set-up.  That suits me fine.  Anyway, we went out into the ‘Wastes’ with a seek-and-return mission.  In effect a Hex-Crawl, in which as we went on, we generated a map (and thus set the scene for future sessions).  We had several encounters or near encounters with inhabitants – animals, muggers, gang-member and cops.  One player lost four characters! 


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