Saturday, 18 September 2021

Adversity Games

This post is going to be a heads-up and plug for Adversity Games.  I have no connection with them other than being a playtester for their currently-in-development cyberpunk RPG, Wasters. 

The reason for the post is that AG have just had two major milestones.

The first is that their first Kickstarter is in the course of fulfilment.  Nightlancer is a cyberpunk tabletop game for up to 4 players - with solo, competative or co-operative options - set in a dystopian future (Birmingham, actually).  In it players are "living out the career of an underworld operative in a world turned to hell, struggling to escape the corrupt society and find freedom".

Nightlancer was 205% funded on Kickstarter last year.  As well as being delivered to backers, it's now available through the Adversity Games website (there's no news there about wider distribution, but there is a page for making enquiries).  Details of the game, a Wiki about the Nightlancer universe and a shedload of reviews (video and otherwise) can be seen on the Nightlancer page of the website.

And the website is the second milestone that I'm flagging - it's just been relaunched.

As well as the section on Nightlancer there is info on other games in development (including Wasters).

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  1. A dystopian Birmingham ? It's set in the past then ?


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