Sunday, 16 February 2014

WIP Sunday

Well, I missed Paint Table Saturday 15: not because of any time constraints, but because I hadn't actually done any painting since the last one.  That being the case, I thought I'd devote this afternoon to painting and actually got quite a bit done (or started).

So here's my table earlier today...

By this stage I'd based the Old West casualties for the next bonus round in the Painting Challenge and started putting together the 54mm Dr Who figures I got the other week (I'm going to do a full post on these once I've finished them).

A Tobsen flier - I can make one of
Since then the casualties and the Dr Who guys have been primed.  The Pinkerton figures just need varnish and tufts.

I finally got around to adding the final touches to the outhouse and fences I made last year and I've made a start on a scratch-built flier I've been wanting to try since I saw the build on LAF.

So where do I stand on the Analogue Painting Challenge?  I haven't submitted anything since the last bonus round (a fortnight ago now!).  I think I'm alright with the next lot of bonus rounds - I've wasted the extra week for the casualties round, but the favorites round is more or less sorted.  I've got a couple of ideas for the Last Stand round, one more ambitious (for me!) than the other.  If I have time I'll do the more involved one - the only problem is that it's one that other people will also be doing.  But hey, so what!

I must also remember to do the piece for my entry fee!


  1. All looks splendid to me Edwin and who wouldn't want one of those fliers? As for the last stand, I shouldn't worry about it, I love seeing how different people interpret the same model.

  2. Hi Edwin, I just saw this post. Sorry I'm a bit late. I added this link to my paint table saturday post.
    Greetings, Sofie


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