Friday, 15 March 2013

Shiney Things!

First an attack of Real World.  This might go some way to explaining why I've not been blogging so regularly over the last few months.

Last week I got sacked, or as the letter put it 'it was with regret I delivered my decision that your employment be terminated due to medical capability.'

Enough of that.

Lot No. 620
Lot 620 at DNW 25 Mar 2013
After a while I decided I need a little treat.  Normally I would get myself a nice book, but I fancied something a little different.

I can't afford anything at either of the medal auctions coming up this month (another thing I haven't blogged about!), so decided to go for something completely frivolous.

I've ordered a Steam Tank...

...and some Selenite Warriors.

I did consider a Mad Scientist, to go with some Killer Robots I've had my eyes on, but The Wife persuaded me That Would Be Silly.  Next time though...

The miniatures (28mm scale) are all from Ironclad Miniatures, from whom I've lifted the pics.  [I hope they don't mind as, in effect, I'm promoting their products, but if you're connected with them and want me to remove the pics, I will.]

They arrived today, and I'm very pleased with them.  I dare say they'll sit in the shed for ages before I decide to construct and paint them, but that isn't the point.


  1. Sorry to hear about your job, I've been made redundant three times so I can sympathise with your predicament. Hope things work out okay for you. Nice tank.

    Best wishes, Brian

  2. Thanks Brian, I appreciate that. The job thing has been happening for a while and wasn't unexpected.

    My Wife to is trying to persuade me it isn't so much a tank as a Steampunk traction engine device! She'd prefer I had toy Isambard Kingdom Brunels than toy soldiers! IKB on Mars has potential I think!



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