Monday, 14 July 2014

Shed Shelf Monday

No Paint Table Saturday for me, as I haven't picked up a brush in weeks.  Instead, here's a bit of a round-up post.

Shiny, shiny!

As regular readers will know, I have developed something of a lead-crush for Oathsworn Miniatures.  Back in May therefore it didn't take long for me to decide to sign up for their latest Kickstarter, the first in a projected series of Gods from various mythologies.  As you'd expect,  they've started with the Asgard.

Well this morning a jiffy bag arrived containing Great Odin himself, mounted on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir.

A nice friendly box

with lots of pieces in it

but they look as if they'll fit together

Next up in Project Pantheon will be Freyja astride the battle-swine Hildisvini, which is already sculpted, but they're releasing some more dwarfs first.

Shed Shelf Monday, what's that about?

Last week I picked up some cheap shelves in the charity shop for the Shed of Delights, and I even managed to put them up.  Not super-organised like some, but it's something of an improvement.



But they soon fill up...


Just a pointer to those who might be interested that there's a new(ish) Facebook group for those into Pulp - Pulp Miniatures Gaming.  Quite a bit of stuff to inspire and enjoy there.


  1. OK, so Odin has Sleipnir. But where are Hugin and Munin, Geri and Freki?

    Nice new shelves, but they've certainly filled up quickly. You'd better get some more :)

    1. Had to look these up (learning more about Norse mythology is on my to-do list). But the answer is at

  2. Great post Edwin, Odin is going to be a great project :D

    1. They need to get someone to paint a display copy (and write a painting guide)... :D

  3. That's an impressive looking miniature and it looks accurate too! So rare these days. But did you mention you lived in Norwich so the Cthulhu figure should come first. Oh wait you live in Norwich you see Cthulhu all the time.

    1. As accurate as you can expect an eight-legged horse to be...

      I don't have a Cthulhu figure - you can get in trouble having one of those around here ('No-one expects the Norfolk Inquisition!').

    2. You'd get the comfy chair for sure!

  4. Nice delivery. Looking forward to the painted version when you get around to it.

  5. Wow, I have not seen this one! It will be a treat to follow along.


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