Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Add to the Menagerie

Over at the Great Hall, Loki has used Warbases Wednesday to announce a giveaway - with the twist that it's a piece of market research by Warbases', who want to expand their excellent range of animals.  All you have to do is to enter into a conversation about what you'd like to see added and you'll be entered into a draw to receive the five figures that will be put into production.

So far, Warbases' animals have had a distinctly 'Saga-ish' range.  I wonder where else they might go.  Animals are popular in VBCW - I've seen more than one AAR featuring an Empress of Blandings-like pig

Another prospect might be based on the (surprisingly fact-based) scenario in the 1951 book and film (staring David Niven) Appointment With Venus.  It in the Ministry of Ag persuades the War Office to mount a commando raid to prevent the Germans shipping a prize bull (Venus) back to the Fatherland

Alderney Cattle - beloved of Jane Ausen
The pure breed went extinct after the German ate the surviving bloodline
in 1944


But perhaps it would be savvy (you'll see what I've done in a minute...) to slipstream on the Piratitis that's linked to the release of On the Seven Seas.  So what animals do pirates have?

But, wait!   What about...


  1. Seeing the turtle pic brings to mind that episode of QI where it was revealed that the reason the giant tortoise took so long to get a scientific name was that it was, as Stephen Fry put it, "SO edible". They were all eaten by 19th C ships' crews before they could get an intact specimen to the Royal Society!

  2. Great post Edwin and thanks for highlighting the competition

  3. Brilliant, bloody brillent! I'm off to edit my suggestions to include some of these.

  4. I would love to see a panto horse - I believe Fairfax and Carstairs used a panto horse disguise once in Allo! Allo!


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