Saturday, 5 July 2014

...And Back Again

Well, we're home, and heartily glad to be so.

It wasn't an Unexpected Journey, but it went on for much longer than expected.  We were supposed to have a two-night stay with the Mother-in-Law, but it turned into a seven-night one.

The main problem was that I'd tried to travel light - so didn't have anything like enough clothes, had no books and had left my laptop behind.  One of the more annoying things was my lack of laptop.  The Wife and Mother-in-Law have i-pads, but I can't bear not having a keyboard.  So the usual apologies for not blogging, keeping up with my blog-roll, etc.  What little blogging time I had was spent updating the Bloggers for Charity auction (go over, you know you want to bid!).

The alleged reason for going was to help clear her garage (something I've been promising to do for a loooong time).  That's fair enough, because a large proportion of the crap there dates from when we moved house twelve years ago.  There were a lot of old friends in those boxes of books...

Anyway, normal service will resume, etc...


  1. Welcome back Edwin. I've made a similar mistake in the past, packing for a short trip which turned out to be a lot longer.

  2. Sounds like my favourite sort of sort out, when you spend most of the time discovering long lost treasures only to carefully package them up and put them back where you found them!

    1. Sadly so. I was a little too tired to wax eloquent about it last night. My M-i-L is the kind who keeps all sorts of things like her grandfather's suitcases and half-finished projects (carcasses of chairs that need upholstering, etc).

      We managed three or four trips to the tip, but I fear it won't be enough for the Dark Forces who are advocating hiring a skip.

  3. ! can't function without a keyboard either! I'm not quite sure what iPads are for... people who can read but not write, I suppose.


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