Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Terrain Tuesday #5

So, as I left things at the end of the last Terrain Tuesday, the Lost World trees and Giant Bees were put together.

This week I finally got around to the bases.  My basic method is to apply Vallajo Sandy Paste to a 2p piece, which then is painted craft shop burnt umber and dry brushed with desert brown before flocking.  A handy tip for getting that extra bit of texture is to drop a tray-full of them face down on the carpet before the paste dries.

The bees got a bit of heather for their trouble

I also did a matching movement tray for when I want to have a grove

Some of you may remember that back last September I bought a Wallace and Gromet rocketship in a charity shop.

Well, inspired by another work of genius from Colonel O'Truth, I broke out the British Racing Green.  A little homage to The Master...

I'm not sure if it's finished yet.  In fact, I'm a little tempted to look for a '4472' decal.

Terrain targets for the coming week:-

  • Hot glue fun with aquarium plants
  • Finish the river
  • Dry-brush some resin rocks
  • Look at the half-finished buildings in the Pottering Shed

Coming tomorrow: Dr Who Wednesday with news from planet Skaro.


  1. I hope you managed to clean up the carpet before Mrs Diplomatist discovered your accident :)

    Nice terrain pieces and that retro rocket is looking very swish :)

  2. Great work on the giant bees! I can envision them playing a role is some Land of the Lost game.

  3. I'm not so sure about the "extra texture" bit otherwise both the trees & bees look wonderful.

  4. What a magnificent vessel!

    4472! That brings back some memories!
    I managed to get a look up on the footplate of the Flying Scotsman at Central Station in Sydney back in 1988 when it was coupled with the magnificent NSWGR 3801 to haul a commemorative train to Melbourne for Australia's Bicentenary celebrations.

    I think you should see about applying brass numbers to your splendid spaceship just for that old world 'industrial' look!

    1. Glad someone got the 4472 reference.

      Mm. I could try cutting out some bas-relief numbers like the Colonel did...

      I'm thinking of adding a brass trim to the leading edge of the fin.

    2. 30 years a railwayman, man and boy.
      : )

  5. Splendid job!


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