Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dr Who Wednesday #1

As mentioned yesterday, I've been meaning to start a regular posting on Dr Who.  This is to encourage me to tackle the portion of the Lead Mountain that consists of Who figures.*  I suppose I should put together a little Who Wednesday logo.

*From now on this will be the official home to my griping about BTD!

Regular readers may remember that back in January I picked up a bag of cheap plastic figures that had originally come with one of the Dr Who magazines.

There was nice variety, but the end I dicarded all but the Daleks, Weeping Angels, Ood and Silence.  The others either had poor detail or didn't scale

The Silence are big, but I can cope with that - they are quite towering in the show.

Soon after getting them I started to work on them.  Despite horror stories about the plastic, I had no trouble.  And then I ground to a halt.*  I now want to blow the dog hairs off them and get back to work.  Hence Dr Who Wednesdays.

*This was when I dropped out of the painting challenge.

Varying degrees of completion
They won't need much to finish them.  I'm not terribly happy with the Dalek paint scheme.*  I may redo them all in red.

*My attempt at staying true to the dreaded New Paradigm. 


  1. The world needs more Doctor Who gaming its your civic duty to paint these!

  2. > I'm not terribly happy with the Dalek paint scheme.* I may redo them all in red.
    Make sure you declaimed loudly "Put him in the Dettol!" in a Davros voice if you do...

  3. The silence are reassuringly creepy. What game do you intend to use them for?

  4. This is what we like to see, Dr. Who models and paint - sounds great to me Edwin.

  5. I agree with Robert, do your duty for Doctor and galaxy.
    I laughed at the dog hair reference. If my projects languish too long, I have to brush the cat hair off them.


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