Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Terrain Tuesday #4

As I mentioned in my last Terrain Tuesday post, I've got a new hot-glue gun.  On Wednesday, I sat down to give it a try.*  What a cracking piece of kit!  How had I managed without one so far?

*I'm not very good with technology or with glue.  The combination of the two was a little daunting.  I wanted to try it while The Wife was at Her Mother's in case I destroyed the house.

Within minutes I had a whole grove of my patented garlic trees.

I could paint them up as palm trees, but I quite liked their otherworldly look of them as-is when I had them on the table for my solo Dino Hunt playtest.  Exotic flora.

And for the fauna, a not quite swarm of giant bees.*

*Come on guys, they're giant bees, how many do you want?!

It was only after doing this, that I realised how apposite was the tile I was doing the hot-gluing on...

And now on to my Special Project...

The other week I spotted this book on t'internet* and immediately ordered one.

*There are useful reviews of it here and here.

After spending a couple of hours painstakingly sticking bones together, I left them on the table where they met with a whippet-related accident.  I am now banned from making things out of chicken bones,*

*In case the darling dogges choke on them.

I wasn't intending to do a model of a museum skellyton like in the book, but rather something terrain-y than explorers might come across - possibly even the fabled Dinosaurs' Graveyard.


  1. Blimey! A productive afternoon! I look forward to seeing many more terrain postings!

    1. It'll be another six months until I've enough garlic eaten to provide another forrest!

  2. head to your local poundshop - most sell toy dino skeletons perfect for terrain pieces

    1. Yep, back to Poundland - the mainstay of us all.

  3. Cracking stuff Edwin. I also like the garlic trees as-is, a spot of green paint on the bases and they'll look great!

    The chicken population rejoices :)

    1. Oh, I'll still eat the chicken!

      But being mean I wanted to be able to use the left-over bits (after I make stock from the carcass).

  4. Most edible wargaming blog post ever.


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