Sunday, 26 July 2015

I've Been Mostly Trimming My Beard...

...helped by pin-ups of two of my Household Gods.

Computer problems at the beginning of the week followed by a summer cold and ennui have cramped my style somewhat, so I apologise for lack of updates.

But this afternoon I've settled down to a docco on Revolution in WWI (Russian, British strikes, French mutinies, Italian mass surrenders, Arab Revolt, Irish Uprising and Indian Nationalism).  All very interesting - especially if your mind tends towards the Counterfactual.  

Now I am beginning to plow through a back-log of blog-reading.

You'll be pleased to know that I've been keeping my Geek up though.

I'm still playing the on-line game Pirates Glory*, and was stunned to be promoted to joint leadership of my guild.  I use the handle Diplomatist there too, so it shouldn't be too hard to find me.  

*Of course I'm no much, and I get Gold everytime an unwary type clicks on that link.

Diplomatist Books recently acquired a pile of graphic novels, so I've been reading the early numbers of The Walking Dead.  Only having seen a half-dozen episodes of the first season of the TV series, I've found these rather good.  I can now certainly see where you Z-freaks have been getting inspiration (and also now recognise some the the Not- figures).  In more traditional reading, there's also be Pratchett and Baxter's The Long Earth and a book on Bletchley Park.

The most surprising thing is the The Wife and I have become hooked on Geek and Sundy's latest on-line show, Titansgrave
If you'd told me twenty years ago we'd be watching Wil Wheaton playing Role-Playing Games, I wouldn't have married you!
As the above suggests, this is basically as streamed RPG.  It's in a techno-fantasy setting and is quite fun.  Now, I haven't played a RPG since before some of these telegenic 30-somethings were born, but this seems to me like RPG-lite.  There's very little number-crunching, and the systems seem relatively simple,  Perhaps this is due to good editing, or Wheaton's strength as GM, but everything seems to roll on just as good story-telling.

Episodes come out each Tuesday, and there have only been seven so far, so it won't be hard to catch-up if you wanted to.


  1. Hmmmm . . . . Beats my reading and sudoku, but I have just watched 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' and enjoyed it immensely. Watch it if you get chance. Fancy the book, but I've got around seven feet of books yet to get through. Yes, it's got so bad I measure my reading list by the estimated height of the stack 😔

  2. I cut my own hair this past Wednesday, if we're talking self-grooming.

    In light of your computer problems I'll mention that I sent you an email the other day in thanks, and mentioning everything turned up safe and sound. No need to reply on this, I'm just being (OCD) thorough :))

  3. Keep your geek up old boy. I'm glad you are enjoying the graphic novels they are much better than the show.

  4. Hope you're over the doldrums of that cold. as Mr Audin has said, keep your geek up :)

    ps - clicked the link and donated 1000 Gold to you :)

  5. Love The Walking Dead comics! Less of a fan of the Long Earth series...plodded through the first and second and decided I couldn't be bothered with any more.

    Anyway, hope the cold clears up quickly!

  6. Good to hear that you are trimming quietly in the background, I hope you knock the wretched cold on the head soon.

  7. As a man who has never managed to achieve the glory of a beard. I can only with you well with a heart riven with envy.

    1. Well, sadly, I look more like Edw VII than the Master.


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