Monday, 30 May 2016

Vikings Join the Painting Queue

[I wrote most of this on Friday - but spent most of the weekend without Internet access...  As you can see I'm so worn out that I have haven't even bothered to take the required photos.]

I've been rather taken up with health issues this week, so I didn't get the chance to report the arrivals of new goodies on Wednesday.

A little while ago Annie at Bad Squiddo Games made the inspired suggestion that if I ever wanted any of her fine stock we might do some swapsies with the fine stock I carry over at Diplomatist Books.  Well, some of will remember that my plans for Tribal include a box of Hirdmen...  Accordingly, (a mere 15 e-mails later) Annie has now a shelf's worth of books on  women in history and I have the following splendours:

So I thought I'd share my impressions on these.  Don't worry!  I'm not going to do one of those rambling opening-the-box reviews in which some YouTuber spends twenty minutes on why he thinks figures are best done in brown plastic rather than grey, neither am I going to get my gauge out and state that 23mm to-the-eye is preferable to 22.5mm.   But, yes, I am going to ramble.*

* I can't remember who said that the main selling point of my blog was the stream-of-consciousness randomness of it all - but, you're welcome!

Neither am I going to go on about historic verisimilitude.  First, because I'm not qualified to, but mainly because I don't care about it.  There are many fine people out there who do care that their figures and games are 'right' - I don't mean to belittle them in any way*.  But these toys (and this blog) are for my own use - I'm not going to put on any great showpiece displays - and I'm not an historical player.  Frankly, my hirdmen are more likely to encounter Doug McClure, dinosaurs or Cybermen than they are to meet Rus or Skraelings.  If on their encounters with 23rd Century time-travelers they have picked up a taste for Plus Twos and Argyle socks**, who am I to deny them?

* There are also some pretentious wankers - they I do intend to belittle.
**As we all know, a 23rd Century time-traveler wouldn't be seen dead in Plus Fours!

But, to recap, my needs for Tribal are some Chiefs, Heroes and units of  five Warriors each.  All to be armed with either 'short' or 'long' weapons.

[...and here I petered out. ]

The quick-and-dirty version of the un-boxing review is:-

  •  "Gosh, isn't there a lot in a Gripping Beast box!"  
  • <insert rant about buying boxes that mainly contain empty space>
  • Duplication in the GB frames and the fact that the eight frames are identical (plus two identical 'Command' frames) and almost symmetrical along their long axis.
  • <insert comments on the flexibility of the having bodies in two parts, a la Frostgrave soldiers>
  • But conclusion that, you've still got a lot of plastic for your money and that worries about variety will probably be dispelled once I start taking them off the sprue.
Despite the half-arsed nature of this review, I'm am pleased with my 'purchase' and looking forward to getting to grips with them (it's just that I feel I need several nights' good sleep first...),


  1. I do love a spot of bartering; now get some rest and start assembling!

  2. Good stuff - excellent deal all around it would appear.

  3. Glad your pleased Edwin, never been able to afford Argyle socks!

    1. One of the beauties of time travel - being able to buy things before the price goes up! In fact, those 23rd Century types are such savvy shoppers I wouldn't be too surprised if that's why they invented time travel in the first place...

  4. Nice bartering Edwin :)

    As for the GB figures, unlike the Frostgrave packs, they are aimed at people needing a lot of figures, so repetition isn't a big problem. However, for those who only need a handful, the repetition is a PITA.

    1. Yes, I figured as much.

      And of course for twenty-odd quid you get 44 figures from GB and only 20 from Frostgrave.

  5. Next it'll be a dabble with DBA, then War & Conquest or something and then it's off down the slippery slopes to Dante's circles of Hell. 😉

  6. Great unboxing review. Cheers :)

  7. Are you still taking a nap Edwin? :-D
    Great review and thanks for sharing!



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