Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Terrain Tuesday #16

I mentioned yesterday that we'd been without Internet access for most of the Bank Holiday Weekend.  I didn't mean to suggest that this was a bad thing!  Although it was very frustrating, it meant that I sat down and did some hobby stuff.


Last week I decided that my Chiefs and Heroes needed 35mm bases to make them stand out.  Now, One Does Not Simply Go to the Warbases website and buy a pack of bases.  

No WIP pictures of these as they go together so simply.

I added planks to the wall and a flannel thatch.  I'm not sure about the former (see later).  For the photo I hung a shield above the door to make it all a little less Brown.  But again I'm not sure.  I may paint the door or walls or both a different colour.

The next item is a combination of the Celtic cross and a casualty marker to make a turn counter.*  I did toy with the idea of giving it the full Dark Age colour scheme, but decided that leaving it grey was much less work meant that I could use it in different settings.

 *"These go to twelve"

Warbases seem to add new lines every five minutes.  I am very interested with the news that came out yesterday that they'll be adding a range of  ruins suitable for Frostgrave, I'll be getting some of them, I think.

I got the Grub Hut to see how easy Warbases' buildings were to put together.  The answer is that they are a doddle.  I'd certainly buy more of them, but probably dispense with adding unnecessary planking.

Another reason for buying them was to compare them with what I could do myself...

Scratch Building

I recently bought a batch of business cards and post cards for Diplomatist Books.  Like most people, when I get something through the post, my immediate thought is that the packaging looks really nifty.

A lad who's going places...
A look on the web provided some inspirational pictures.

The addition of some bamboo skewers and sandy paste was a lot easier than planks and resulted in a tidier look.

No, it's not finished.
Not sure of the pitch of the roof - but nevertheless a useful building (perhaps as a cricket pavillion!).

Adventures in Dry-Brushing

While dry-brushing the Celtic cross, I took a couple of other items from the terrain queue.

Remember this?
Getting there...

Then there is one of the runestones I got from Fenris at Dicini 2014.   Again, I should have gone with the original paint scheme, but I bottled it.

For a modern carver of rune- and image-stones (in glorious colour!) see here.

Random blocks


  1. Very nice work indeed Edwin

  2. Well done Edwin. I agree with leaving the cross bare grey for exactly the same reasons. You could add a wash of dark green to add weathering or moss effects. I found some great Viking age scenary bits in the local Celtic shops - crosses, Pictish stelae in nice resin cast in grey. I was lucky to pick them up half of on clearance but keep an eye on your local charity shop. Love the thatch and plank effects, plus resuming the longhouse as a cricket pavilion (VBCW?).
    Cheers, Peter

    1. Loyal readers will know of my penchant for charity shop terrain ;)

      I haven't tried Celtic shops though. I must give that a go. Lots of dragons and crystals around here.

      The pavilion of the Norfolk Cricket Ground was black and white with thatch. We live next to the site - it was demolished last year.

  3. A very productive weekend...makes me feel positively lazy!

  4. What a fabulous terrain Tuesday Edwin. I have to say that I am rather taken with your scratch built building, very impressive Sir.

  5. Cracking work Edwin, particularly the recycled packaging!

  6. Your productivity and vigour for life appall me.

    Fortunately, I have lots of lovely terrain to look at, to take my mind off it.

  7. Lovely work, Edwin, fit to grace any table. Nice one!

  8. That are some very nice pieces of scenery!



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