Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dr Who Wednesday #16


Last week Annie from Bad Squiddo Games announced in her FaceBook group that she wasn't going to include the Not-Doctor Who figures on her new website, and she was thus selling off her existing stock,  

I picked up these two - a Crooked Dice Not-River Song and a Heresy Not-Amy Lake.

Being a little dim, I didn't twig that Crooked Dice and Heresy had each removed their Dr Who lookie-likies from their sites.  I should have stocked up as soon as I realised that there were likely to be Cease and Desist letters!  I notice however, that Heresy have kept their "Emily Lake" with the simple expedient of changing her name and colour of hair.  I must stock up on Not-Firefly and Not-Blake's7 figures...

Spotted on the Web

As suspected, news from Warlord Games is coming thick and fast as Christmas approaches.  

The Silents have been released in sets of three lead figures for £11.99.  And we've had a a teaser pic of plastic Cybermen.

These leave me a little cold, but then I'm not a great fan of the 'new' Cybermen.

Gratuitous Sarah Jane picture

Gratuitous Sweep picture


  1. Hmm? They could be handy figures to stick in the drawer for future ebaying too!!

  2. V useful, nice figs. Where can I get Sweep Davros

  3. I completely missed the fact that Heresy and Crooked Dice were to stop selling their 'not' range - I feel as if I have missed out.

  4. Disappointing - I thought that if they were bothered about it, they might offer other manufacturers licences or something.

  5. I always suspected that Sweep was an evil genius!


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