Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dr Who Wednesday #17

By a pleasing coincidence this Dr Who Wednesday falls on the 53rd anniversary of the first broadcast of the show.  

I should have something interesting and erudite to say about it all, but frankly I haven't the energy to write anything sensible.  Instead, I'll point you to BBCAmerica Doctor Who's-Day round-up - a blatant rip-our of our own dear Dr Who Wednesday.


After last week's lament that Crooked Dice's Not-Doctor-Who range had be pull from the shelves before I'd managed to stock up, I managed to pick up three of the companions.

Now, I know a couple of my readers don't approve of Capt Jack or the Paternoster Gang for introducing sexuality to the programme, but that ship sailed once they started allowing snogging in the TARDIS.  Personally, I find Capt Jack a great character.  I enjoyed Torchwood greatly before it got too dark in the last two seasons.  I have my reservations about how Sontarans are now portrayed as comedy characters rather than menacing ones, but I must admit that Strax is written and acted very amusingly.

Gratuitous Sarah-Jane Smith photo

1 comment:

  1. Well done on snagging a couple more characters, I imagine that they will become as rare as hens' teeth soon.


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