Monday, 21 November 2016

The News We've Been Waiting For

A little later than in previous years, the Seventh AHPC has been announced: it will be running from 20 Dec to 20 Mar.  For full details see here.

This is one of the highlights of my hobby year, and although I'm not a very productive or particularly talented painter, I find it very enjoyable and great fun.

I'm probably going to stick with my usual plan of looking at the lead pile - so more Doctor Who, some Pulp, and perhaps some Frostgrave characters.

The theme this year is "Camaraderie and Teamwork" and in a unusual twist Curt is asking us to do just that: to pair up for the Curtgeld.  Do any of you want to partner me?  I'm open to suggestions as to theme, etc, bust ask that you remember my limitations!  Get in touch at diplomatist2 AT gmail DOT com.

Equally, anyone up for a Doctor Who side challenge?


  1. Can't wait. Happy to partner up on Curtgeld although there is the potential for a single group regimental submission. Probably a good night for a Web chat

  2. Its one of my hobby calendar highlights too. Looking forward to seeing your entries and good luck with achieving your goals!


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