Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Terrain Tuesday #20

It's been a little while since I did a round-up of purchases from charity shops.  So here goes...

First up is a bottle of stuff I picked up a couple of months ago.  I'm sure it'll come in for basing (or I may have to make a pile of coal a la 'Railway Children')

The next I picked up last week.  I don't know if they're ornaments or the remains of a chess set, but with a little dry-brushing they will make monumental statuary.

And last Friday I hit the Pulp jackpot when the shop I went into had a half a shelf devoted to Egyptian bits and pieces! 

And while we're on Pulp, how about the greatest Pulp Hero of all time?  Not terrain, but it came from a charity shop.

Where can I get Snowy in a space suit?

And not from a charity shop, but terrain, are these skull beads which came from China via eBay and arrived just before Halloween.  They're a tad out of scale for normal use - but what is Pulp and Lost World without giants and giant apes?!  Thanks to Martin Cooke for the tip (he got the red ones and put them to good use).


  1. great finds, the skulls look great, especially the crazing. We will need to start to think about our joint Curtgeld at some time. I have no ideas yet, although Tintin and Capt Haddock have suddenly leapt to mind - think they would meet the rules. I know where to get a captain Haddock and I'm sure I've seen a Tintin somewhere - Copplestone maybe.

  2. Nice finds in the charity shops :)

  3. Cool. Those skulls make for great totem poles when you stack em up. Cheers


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