Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Zomtober '17: Week 3 - WIP

A WIP post for Zombtober. Not for today - because today has been crap - but for yesterday.

So, I spent a little time de-spruing and assembling some Zombs.  I got a half-dozen done before the inevitable meeting between craft knife and index finger.  Fortunately, I had some superglue on hand.

Tomorrow they *might* get primed, which would give me a dozen to play with before the end of Week 3 on Sunday.  What's the betting I only have one complete yet again?

Again, these are Zombs from Warlord Game's Project Z.   I must admit to being somewhat disappointed that the Zombie Horde expansion pack merely duplicates the sprues in the core box.  Am I naive in this?  I'm not terribly fond of the female figures (both Zombs and survivors), who are all a bit tits and ass for my liking - but again, that's probably just me being picky.

Blogging Schedule

If things go to plan, you should see the following posts this week.  But who knows, something exciting might happen to mix everything up!

Thursday - JRRT books
Friday - Dwarves and gargoyles
Saturday - Paint table
Sunday - Zomtober


  1. "the inevitable meeting between craft knife and index finger. Fortunately, I had some superglue on hand."

    A serious question: was the superglue used on the wound? If I cut myself and have some electrician's insulation tape to hand, I'll just wrap my finger in that till it stops bleeding. Elastoplast fall off so easily, but insulation tape when applied properly can withstand quite a bit.


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