Saturday, 21 October 2017

No Zomtober This Week - But Noggin!

I doubt very much whether I'll be posting anything for Zomtober this weekend. 

I have done any painting this week, and I'm feeling so awful at the moment I can see any being done over the weekend.

On the bright side, there is a rather nice Kickstarter going on, which may warm the cockles of the heart of anyone who was in the UK during the late 60s and 70s.

Yes, it's Noggin the Nog!

Sadly, given the above-stated 'feeling so awful' situation, my immediate thoughts were on the grumpy side of negative:

  • There's no mention of the IP rights in the 'Risks' section.  Edit:  I've just re-read the preamble, and is says they've got a licence from the Postgate sons.  So - Yay!
  • At £20.00 for a blister of four figures or £60.00 for all 16 figures, it is very expensive

If you aren''t as grumpy as I am, go and have a look at it here - a month left to run and already fully-funded.


  1. I love the idea of these...i can't think how I'd use them though. A Nog Saga Warband perhaps?? I think the price will keep me away from it I'm afraid...probably just as well.

    1. Apparently there were a set of Noggin rules written in the 80s for Hordes of Things...

  2. I really like the figures, but, like you, I can't really think of much use for them long term... though I do still have one book on my shelf.

  3. These are some lovely figures. I can't figure out what I'd use them for currently. But am happy to see that it has succeeded on the first day anyway :D

  4. Sorry to hear you're "off it" at the moment Edwin, but hope maybe things turn around and maybe still rise to "the challenge" by close of play tomorrow?
    As for those mini's, at the price methinks Noggin the Nog will remain a happy memory and NOT appear on my gaming table.

  5. My favourite quote from Noggin the Nog comes from Nogbad the Bad, "I'll blow you to shrebbans!"


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