Monday, 16 October 2017

Zomtober '17 - Week 3 (in Week 4!)

To comply with the not-very-demanding Zomtober rules, these should really have been posted yesterday.  I'm sorry about that - they just weren't ready.

As a bit of compensation, I can offer no less that four (yes, that's right, four!) Zeds instead of the one-a-week I'm managed so far during the month.

And what a bunch they are.  Warlord Miniatures' again, and I'm beginning to warm to them a little. 

It's hard to tell from these photos (or on the table really), but I've attempted my first lady zombie.  This was done by the simple expedience of sticking a head from the female sprue onto one of the male torsos.  It's an interesting head - half the face has been eaten away to reveal the skull, but I don't know if you can see that from the photo.

As promised , I thought I'd try blue scrubs rather than last week's green ones.  I prefer the blue as they stand out more on the table: what do you think?  It is. of course the same body.  As with all these zombies, I've perhaps gone OTT on grunging her up. 

Halloween Sale!

I dare say we'll get quite a few of these as the month comes on, but Hasslefree Miniatures has beaten the rush by announcing 20% off orders for the rest of the month (which won't be shipped until the beginning of November).  They of course do some rather nice zombies and survivors.


  1. Great additions, and I concur with your thoughts on the blue over the green. I look forward to seeing what you do with your "Hasslefree Miniatures" purchases :-)

    1. Doubt very much whether I'll get around to buying anything! I've always been tempted by the Scooby Doo Gang though...

    2. The scooby gang is rather nice.

  2. Excellent job dude. Fine additions to the horde!

  3. Very nice work. You can never have enough zombies.

  4. Super job on this 'bumper crop' of zeds Edwin, and I reckon a mix of blue and green scrubs is the way to go :-)
    I find the Warlord Miniatures are great when I'm "on a roll" assembling them - when I take a break, I find it a chore to get back into.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Hasslefree offer!

  5. Great additions to the horde! As the others have said, the blue is better than the green, but you do need the different types of scrubs for all the hospital staff

  6. Great work Edwin. This means you've got to paint more figures next week now doesn't it?

  7. Great work Edwin. This means you've got to paint more figures next week now doesn't it?

  8. Excellent work Edwin. All four are very nicely done. :)


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