Friday, 22 December 2017

Monsterman and AD&D Dieties

Now, I think I've probably mentioned James Holloway's podcast Monsterman ('Because Monsters Are Interesting') before.  Some of you will know James from his blog Gonzo History: Gaming Edition, but Monsterman is
a podcast that delves into the classic AD&D Monster Manual from 1977. Every episode looks at one or more D&D monsters, digging deeper into their inspirations and uses. 
It's not so learned as to put one off, but there's some really interesting stuff there.  Basically a mix of 'real' mythology and a consideration of why it appealed to hairy '70s types.  If you play RPGs and especially if your a GM who's interested in world-building, it will reward listening.  We need more of this kind of stuff.

It suits my magpie mind very well and, quite frankly, if you find my approach to blogging of interest, James does in much better.

James has now launched a new project.  Do consider supporting it:-


Although I've said that MonsterMan isn't off-putting, be aware that Deities and Demigonds does have it's moments.  Frankly, you're not going to get a consideration of the Sumerian Pantheon that doesn't include chaps with confusing names and discussion of  some Big Ideas.  Do persevere though.


  1. At least here is a chap with an engaging and professional delivery style, unlike so many podcasters and You Tube film makers! Be interesting to see how many Patreon supporters he gets. I know several people who have gone to Patreon and been surprised and disappointed by how little support they got when asking people to pledge money for an incorporeal product.

    1. An academic, used to giving lectures.

      But I agree, a lot of podcasts (including some of the most successful) are dreadful. It really helps to have a script.

    2. The worst ones are the ones who slurp tea or coffee throughout!


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