Saturday, 29 December 2018

What Stops You from Gaming?

I've been listening to a new podcast today: Role Play Rescue.  It's a chap who's been roleplaying since the 80s and is evangelistic about the benefits of making some time for play in one's life.  What he says is of interest, not only to those who enjoy RPGs.

So, I point you to his episode "What Stops You From Gaming?"

I was pointed to it because of an interview with Gavin Norman, the writer of B/X Essentials, which my gaming group is playing (and play-testing).  For me, the big change in 2018 has been to find a group and actually playing games rather than just thinking and writing about them.  It's had a very positive impact on my life.


  1. Recently the lack of any actual gaming, the place where my head sometimes go and the rare occasion I have nothing I want to paint!

  2. Some of the people I play with (oo-er) are on the other side of the planet. Even those in the UK are an hour or four away.

    So it's kinda hard to get games organised.

    But I'm OK with that.


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