Tuesday, 29 March 2016

International Carrot Day

Did you all know that 4 April was International Carrot Day?

I didn't, until I read in the local paper that a nearby animal sanctuary has set up drop-off points so that well-wishers can donate carrots as special healthy treats for the horses and donkeys (apparently they don't have whippets).

What next, eh?


  1. Our old Basset Hound went mad for carrots. Trouble was he was a mucky eater, produced a lot of saliva, and pieces of carrot would attach themselves to his long floppy ears.
    Pigs ears; he went mental for those dog treats, to the point of aggressive behaviour till he was given one. He had to go 'cold turkey' to wean him off them.

  2. Carrots are not good for diabetics, however, as they contain too much sugar so I don't have to eat the horrid things!

  3. Well, I prefer the International Gin & Tonic Day on April 9.

  4. Well that's a new one on me, but won't be rushing out to get some!


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