Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Multi-Topic Post


Welcome to new follower Anne.  She will be known to many of you as the very talented painter behind O'Leary Miniatures.  Anne is reciprocally following - I'm ashamed to say that I've only just signed up to her blog (the fact she's about to have a giveaway might have something to do with it).

OLM is having technical difficulties at the moment and has lost some traffic because of it.  Do go over, the blog's still live!


The other day I highlighted a nice Kickstarter by Oathsworn Miniatures.  Half way through the campaign, they're over 200% funded, so all is going well.  In my post I said that the attraction was the dwarf figures, and the others didn't appeal.  Now that the hidden figures are revealed, I'll moderate that slightly, but I'm still not inclined to sign up to the Hafling or Hired Sword options.

It seems I'm not alone in that, as they've just launched a new pledge level: the Cherry Picker.  For £50.00 you can boost your Dwarf King pledge by cherry picking the best of the rest.


In other news, I've been experimenting with using the Google+ social network.  I'm so used to Facebook that I wonder if I'm missing some of the Google features.  If anyone knows of a good site showing how to get the best out of Google+, I'll be glad to know.

Bloggers for Charity

The guys at BfC have been thinking about the future.  Go over and read about it.


  1. I'm sort of half on Google+ (I think), but I can't decide whether to succumb to Google's brainwashing or to stick to the old ways; it seems to be an awful lot of messing. I'll be interested in the advice you get, but I suspect you'll attract zealots or those who aren't keen to admit they've dropped one. ;O)

  2. I have Google+ but don't integrate it with your blog. You loose track of comments far too easily.


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