Saturday, 13 April 2019

Old-School Essentials Kickstarter

Readers of my recent posts on the RPG campaign I've been taking part in, will see that we've been using the B/X Essentials system (now renamed Old-School Essentials to make it less niche) produced by Necrotic Gnome - and indeed have been lucky enough to be involved in the play-testing of new material.

Well on Friday evening Necrotic Gnome (otherwise Gavin Norman) launched its Kickstarter for funding to produce the revised rules in high-quality hardback format (previously they were sold as print-on-demand).  And it was fully funded in the first two hours.

I owe four of the five current modules, but I've signed up to upgrade - these are lovely products and worth having.  The stretch-goals already reached include the  publication two more rules modules - Advanced Fantasy: Genre Rules and Druid and Illusionist Spells, both of which I've used in draft form and would also recommend.

The rest in the words of Necrotic Gnome...
We'll be producing two things for this Kickstarter:
  1. The Black Box: A luxury box set containing 5 slim hardcover rules modules covering all aspects of the game: Core RulesClassic Fantasy Genre Rules (your classes, equipment, strongholds, etc), Cleric and Magic-User SpellsClassic Fantasy MonstersClassic Fantasy Treasures.
  1. The Rules Tome: All the Old-School Essentials rules in a single, fat hardcover. 
  • Quality: All books will be produced as luxury, sewn-binding hardcovers.
  • Complete B/X clone: Both products form a complete retro-clone of the beloved Basic / Expert rules from 1981!
  • Limited edition Rules Tome: A leatherette-bound, foil-stamped edition of the Rules Tome, only available in this Kickstarter!
  • High-level rewards: Very limited rewards include your name in the credits on the title page of the books, and your face in an illustration!

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