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Gaming in April 2021

  • 4 Apr - Wasters (cyberpunk OSE) - on-line
  • 11 Apr - Wasters 
  • 14 Apr - Evils of Illmire (OSE) - on-line
  • 18 Apr - Wasters
  • 21 Apr - Evils of Illmire 
  • 25 Apr - Wasters 
  • 28 Apr - Evils of Illmire


'Doctor' Klunk

Another deceptively simple mission which led to an epic session, stretching to five hours of play.  The job was recover a case containing precious metals, for which we would be rewarded with a datastick containing valuable information.

This was my first outing (I'd missed last week's session) with Klunk - our salvaged rescue-bot - which was something I'd been looking forward to.  A brute of a thing, he promised to be able to handle most situations that could be thrown at him.

The trip out to the target block proved pretty much uneventful.  Once we got there (a shop in an abandoned mall) we found a Wastes Hermit in residence.  We've decided that we were being too Murder Hobo-y of late, so made an effort to get on with him.  He proved a decent sort (happy to get some food packs), if a little paranoid about robots.

Exploration of the shop took quite a while and attracted the attention of several of the locals - some haywire Service Bots and a gang of muggers.  These we managed to see off without too much trouble.  The next encounters weren't so simple.  First we found that a homicidal nutter was living upstairs.  Then, as we sent Klunk around he managed to set off a couple of traps and walked in on a couple more Rescue Bots.  These were haywire and set out to 'rescue' us with extreme prejudice.  It was a close call, but we managed to deactivate them (beyond salvage, sadly), mainly by having Klunk destroy the stairs as just before they came down.  Klunk was disabled, but promised to be repairable if we could get him back to the Safe Zone.

Having found the stash, we now had an embarrassment of riches - far too much to carry.  We offered Dee (the hermit, who'd proved useful with a katana) what he wanted.  The kerfuffle also attracted the attention of a couple of Wastes Cops.  Those of our party with a price on their heads hid upstairs with the good loot, while my character tried to blag our way through, laying it on a bit thick.  Fortunately, these were the corrupt, murdering sort of cops but merely the ones who were ready to take whatever took their fancy.   

We made our own cache of loot, said goodbye to Dee and headed back on our slow return journey.  This was also fairly uneventful - a distant sighting of a survelance drone and a gang-member, and a few hours sheltering from toxic rain.

In this session we sold the datastick we'd been given as payment last week to one of the local gangs - the Street Cats - after a tense negotiation (in which we didn't get to speak), and then went to collect the rest of the loot from last week.  

Our new policy of not picking fights with everyone we meet again paid off, and despite meeting the gangsters, some annoyed cops, other Wasters and a very large haywire street cleaner we all got home again without being killed.

The Radiant Family

The job we took on this time was to go and disrupt a block that was occupied by haywire bots.  One of the problems was that this was a long way from base and it took us a long time to get there.   On the way we had a few encounters with wild animals and met a new faction (some very decent chaps who were arms dealers but had some rum views on the purity of the human race).  When we finally got to the target block we were almost immediately attacked by a Stealth Bot.  The session ended with the unfortunate prospect of a near-TPK.

Carrying on with our aim of distrupting the block, we determined to destroy a warehouse.  Not as easy as it sounded, given that it was occupied by bots, and as soon as we tackled them we encountered some nanosludge, which proved difficult to damage.  And to add to that, the noise attracted yet more bots...

Yet it wasn't without reward, there were a couple of terminals which gave our techs access to cyberspace, where they harvested what promises to be valuable data.

Evils of Illmire
  • 14 Apr
The Fearmother

When we left off last time, we'd left our petrified colleague, made our way to the Cultists' lair and neutralised the guards and Hell Hounds at the entrance with a Sleep spell.  When we woke the guards, we used Charm Person on one and our Chaotic fighter used a kill-and-take-their-face magic item on the other - thereby getting a lot of intel on the Temple.

We eventually went in and had a hard fight to make headway.  After a while, we meet the Big Bads - the Fearmother and it's High Priestess.  We ended the session in a very sticky place: - one PC was tied up (because he'd gone a little mad); one was separated from the party and facing-off against half a dozen cultists; and my Cleric was bashed into pulp by the Fearmother.

His last words were to dedicate his death to Shroom (cleansing the valley of the cultists had become a Holy Quest) and a prayer for mercy on his petrified acolyte.
  • 21 Apr
Myxomycetes has a new look...

We started this session in media res (a term that our former GM claimed was horribly ungramatical), with three PCs (one tied up) and five retainers.

Fortunately, two things happened immediately.  First, the tied-up thief freed himself and, secondly - and more miraculously - the soul of my petrified Cleric of Shroom was transmogrified into the body of a revived Mycelian (Myxomycetes was almost immediately dubbed "Mushroom Jesus").    The Grace of Shroom was further evident in the fact that he was able to use his pacifying spoors to good effect.  We were therefore able to scrape a victory.  However, one of the problems in killing a Fearmother is that they explode, causing damage to anyone within 15' - thus killing one of our two surviving PCs (as well as a retainer).

Mass suicide of the Cultists, interrogation of the Priestess and some serious looting followed.

We made our way back to the village.  Due to some very lucky dice-rolls and expediture of a lot of accrued wealth, we were able to attract some very senior clerics (most of Shroomfest wanted to meet the miraclous Myxomycetes) were were able to raise Sir Robert from the dead (just in time for his wedding to the barmaid).

From these two resurrections, you will reaslise that our GM Is A Lamb.
  • 28 Apr

With our main characters variously grieving, becoming accustomned to a new fungal state, or on their hioneymoon, we rolled up some Lv 1 characters and went out on a new adventure.  But first, they decided to play about with the magical items that the main party had brought back from the Fearmother's lair: this left one fighter transformed (permanently we think) into a giant python.

We decided to take up a commission to clear a lake of Fishmen.  To do this, we had to first approach the local tribe of Froglings, who we were told could provide us with a means of breathing underwater.  We were also advised that before they would do this, they were likely to ask us for help in their long-running conflict with the Mantismen.  We thus wandered into the swamp, we ambushed a hunting party of Mantismen and took their heads as gifts for the Froglings.  This got us an audience with the tribe, but we were told that the price of their help would be the head of the Mantis Queen...

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