Friday, 11 June 2021

Gaming in May 2021

A quieter month this month, as work issues meant that our GM for the OSE Illmire game had to drop out for a while.  June might prove even quiter as I'm going to be working on Sundays.

  • 2 May - Wasters (Cyberpunk OSE)
  • 9 May - Wasters (Cyberpunk OSE)
  • 23 May - Wasters (Cyberpunk OSE)


After months of undertaking missions in the Wastes, the crew thought they'd earned a nice cushy job a little closer to home - clearing out a block in order to extend the Safe Zone.  [This was actually a new fuction that we were game-testing.]

It proved not to be quite so simple.

Although the block itself was only Threat Level 1, there turned out to be no less than three buildings to clear and a number of groups of ne'er-do-wells.  We moved in on the first building, where our hover-bot had spotted five heavily armed people had taken up residence on the top floor.  We soon found that stealthily moving through the lower levels was impossible, as most rooms were occupied.  Initially, we were clearing these rooms with extreme prejudice, but after almost throwing a grenade in on a family with small children, we took a more cautious approach.  A messy firefight with another group of Wasters and a few minor encounters with civilians followed before we were able to encounter the gang members in their penthouse (who were, of course, well-aware of our approach).  We eventually managed to beat them.

We then rang in to a group of veteran Wasters who were much amused at our messy and ineffienct methods.  Nevertheless, they lets us pass without any problems, and even offered us some leads to future jobs.

  • 9 May
[Only two players this session, myself and one new to the game.]

Having cleared most of the first building, we took up residence in the penthouse, using it as a convenient snipers' nest.  We managed to take out a group of gang members - wanta-be Fast Dogs.  

One going out into the streets, we had a negotiation with some scavengers, who tipped us off about a gang of muggers roaming the block.  We lay in ambush and tried to lure them out of their alley with out bot, but botched it.  However, they were no match for us, and after we killed three, the rest ran.

Little bastards!
By an artist called Valyndril

We then returned to the partially-cleared building (we'd left the basement alone, having detected wireless signals coming from there).  First, we encountered a group of urchins, who Cash Zone (our Face) tried to befriend - to no good effect, other than that they picked his pockets of much on his smaller equipment.  Then we were surprised by the returning Fast Dogs, who took the Face hostage.  The rest of the gang seriously considered ignoring the human shield or letting the Dogs butcher him, but in the end they stripped him of his remaining gear, and moved on.

In the final room of the basement we managed to defeat two haywire delivery drones and relieve them of the narcotics they were carrying.

Decrypting datasticks which we have previously acquired in the Wastes, we found that one gave directions to a stash hidden in a block controlled by one of the street gangs - The Butch Killers,  The other contained info that, co-incidently, would get a premium if sold to the Killers.  We decided to kill two birds with the one stone, and headed out to the Butch Killer's territory.


One the way we had minor encounters with haywire bots and a group of muggers, but after a day's travel we reached the target block.  We followed the directions to the stash, only to find that it was in a building now used as the gang headquarters!  We were attempting to scope out the place when we we caught by guards.

We left our negotiations to our Face - Cash Zone - and he prove quite useless!  Eventually the info trade went well, but he then offered the gang the directions to the stash free of charge (despite the rest of the crew's strangled objections that we should at least get a commission)!

We slowly made our way back to base, with some serious discussion of how long it was going to be before we fragged Cash Zone.

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