Friday, 2 July 2021

Hostages to Fortune

I'm going to post this now, to spur me to make a number of posts this month.

  • I owe you the now regular posts "Gaming in [Month]" and "Reading in [Month]".  I still haven't posted Gaming in June as I wasn't writing it as I went through the month, so have to get my notes together.  I've already played my first game of the month and finished my first book in July.
  • I want to post something about a sprue exchange I'm a party to.
  • But mainly this post is to prompt me to post some reviews.  Every few months I 'earn' (because of reasons) Amazon vouchures.  On the last few occasions I've bought copies of Bayt al Azif, the Cthulhu Mythos RPG zine.  And each time, I've told myself that I have to write a review.  Well, I received Issue 3 today.
And, who knows, if I write those posts, it might get me back into the habit of writing more regularly here...

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