Thursday, 22 July 2021

Fruits of the Kickstarter - Soviet Women of WW2


Today I got delivery of the first Kickstarter I've backed in ages (over two years?).  This one was Women of WW2: Soviet Russia from Bad Squiddo Games, which finished on 15 April and in true Bad Squiddo fashion is being fulfiled quickly and promptly.

The purple box of delights

WW2 isn't really my thing, so I did a very small pledge - a token of support really - chosing some items that would fit in with my Pulp theme.  As a result, I've got four figures, lovely sclupts by Alan Marsh, very crisply and cleanly cast.


Sniper team


  1. Nice clean looking sculpts/castings.

    1. Yes, Bad Squiddo switched to (I think) CM Castings a while back, and since then everything has been very clean and lovely.


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