Saturday, 8 December 2012

This Week's Interesting Obits

Hot on the heels of Ries Leming come another two holders of the George Medal

HERO Goronwy EvanGoronwy Evans (d. 7 Nov 2012).  Police officer awarded the George Medal for his actions during the Portsmouth Blitz, 1941
Portsmouth News, 23 Nov 2012

Arthur Rowlands in his police uniform Arthur Rowlands.  Police officer awarded the George Medal after being blinded when a burglar shot him, 1961.
BBC Wales, 2 Dec 2012

And not George Medal related, here's another, who just had a fascinating story to tell...

Major-General Tony Deane-Drummond

Major-General Tony Deane-Drummond (d. 4 Dec 2012).  Soldier who has several close shaves.
Daily Telegraph, 5 Dec 2012

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