Saturday, 14 December 2013

Saturday WIP #3

It's time for the weekly workbench picture inspired by Sofie's Paint Blog (she's up to No 6, I'm lingering at No 3).

'Twas the night before the Challenge, and all though the house not a creature
was stirring
For those of you who have read about the woodpile on Facebook, that's part of it under the blue tarp.

I've cleared away the unfinished items that won't contribute to the Challenge score.  The figures I received yesterday have been flashed, based and primed and are in the shed drying along with figures for The Wife's nephew.  I've got a plan for all of the bonus rounds, and I'm clear what needs to be done before we go away for Christmas.

Nos qui pingere salutant te!


  1. Thanks for joining the Paint Table Saturday project.
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. All looks incredibly calm and prepared!

  3. So calm and peaceful.. Ready for the off

  4. Yep, ready for the off.

    I don't know about calm - remember the last minute priming in the shed. But I don't mean to go crazy!

  5. So you're in the Challenge! Good luck to you, sir. Your table looks very neat. I wouldn't dare post a picture of mine at the moment.

  6. All looks nice and tidy! Good luck in the challenge Edwin!



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